Single Sample Face Recognition from Video via Stacked Supervised Auto-encoders

Author: Pedro Juan Soto Vega

Original title: Reconhecimento Facial em Vídeo com uma amostra por pessoa utilizando Stacked Supervised Auto-encoder.

Language: Brazilian Portuguese


This work proposes and evaluates strategies based on Stacked Supervised Auto-encoders (SSAE) for face representation in video surveillance applications. The study focuses on the identification task with a single sample per person (SSPP) in the gallery. Variations in terms of pose, facial expression, illumination and occlusion are approached in two ways. First, the SSAE extracts features from face images, which are robust to such variations. Second, multiple samples per persons probes (MSPPP) that can be extracted from video sequences are exploited to improve recognition accuracy. The proposed methods were compared upon Honda/UCSD and VIDTIMIT video datasets. Additionally, the influence of the parameters related to SSAE architecture was studied using the Extended Yale B dataset. The experimental results demonstrated that strategies combining SSAE and MSPPP are able to outperform other SSPP methods, such as local binary patterns, in face recognition from video.