The project objective is the protection of forest areas by developing a system of satellite monitoring of the hillsides of Rio de Janeiro.

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The main objective of this project is to develop automatic methods to detect and visualize in three dimensions liver structures using monophasic sequences of computer tomography images.

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The objective of this project is to develop a new 3D region growing segmentation that uses others features besides the intensity of voxels.

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The general objective of this project is the development of an automatic method to monitor the horizontal and vertical change of urban settlements and forests in Brazil. The selected test area is Rio de Janeiro, because in Rio such changes take place at a rapid pace, and data necessary to carry out the project such as aerial imagery, GIS census and topographic data, can be made available to the project through local contacts.

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The objective of the ECOWATCH cooperation is to investigate methodologies for the construction of remote sensing software tools that performs automatically many of the image interpretation tasks, which are usually done by a photo-interpreter.

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This project intents to develop a free distribution software for image interpretation based on GeoAIDA, a project originally developed at the Hanover University, and make it available in an open source library (TerraLib) currently being built by INPE in partnership with PUC-Rio.

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The general objective of this work is to develop a people identification system through images of the iris. It is intended to improve and to extend the work carried through in the scope of another defended dissertation.

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